The Sunnyside Sound Garden

Let Music In

This site is an idea I came up with for my local movie theater that is no longer open. New Center Cinema was an inexpensive theater where I grew up watching all my major movies. In the last 5 years Queens has changed a lot starting with Long Island City and Astoria becoming a booming neighborhood. This trending and spread of growth has made it's way to Sunnyside. That's why I'm doing this digital pitch for anyone and everyone. Whether it be investors or just community folks that want to see the neighborhood flourish. One of my favorite things is music. Sunnyside lacks a venue for music. My idea is to take New Center Cinema and possibly the run down bank next to it and make it one big combined venue. I picture it to be two stories tall and soundproofed for neighbors of course. I would call it The Sunnyside Sound Garden. The walls would be painted with images of The Ramones, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and other famous artist from Queens as somewhat of a tribute. It could be much like the Music Hall of Williamsburg. So finally there will be a decent music venue in queens. If you would like to show your support or know anyone who would like to invest in the idea please contact me. Thank You!